• Pearls


There is simply nothing more timeless! 

Whether with a wedding dress, a classic black dress or a simple blouse - that's how we know how to wear pearls. Usually rather subtle, a small eye-catcher - politely drawing attention to itself.

Worn mostly by women and girls and on special occasions.

Something's new!

The man has discovered beauty !

Delicate white pearls on tanned under masculine skin - this is an EYEcatcher!

At least in this photo.

Otherwise: everything is possible. Color and shapes, classic or playful.

And it makes it clear: Anyone can wear pearls!

With real "pearls" usually refers to the pearls from shells.

Fashion sees it quite differently.&nbsp ;

Anything that has a rounded shape and a hole in the middle is a pearl. 

All materials are available: wood, stones , plastics, yarns and much more.

Dare yourself!